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Chiropractic Services: For Your Health

Chiropractic Services By: Julee Mitchelsin There are a variety of ways that people today can protect and even promote the health of their bodies. There are more than enough diets to choose from no matter what kinds of foods you love or hate. People can join an expensive diet club to receive accountability for their weight […]

Chiropractic Overview

Chiropractic By: Eric Cho Chiropractic healing is a kind of healing that taps the body’s ‘inner intelligence’ – that innate sense of balance the body has when a person is physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. A healing art that was developed in the United States , chiropractic healing operates on the belief that the body can […]

Workout Tips for Fat Loss

Author: Andrew B Effective Weight Loss Lots of people attempting to lose weight will add cardiovascular routines to their weight loss plan. They often will not add any weight-lifting routines. Some personal trainers will state that aerobic routines burn off fat while weightlifting builds lean muscle, but this is not entirely true. The greater muscle […]

Why We Need To Keep Our Body Well Hydrated

Water, A New Concept Author: W.L. Yap For most people, drinking water is the most important aspect of a person’s lifestyle. Although water is sometimes a quick departure from our daily lives, we must understand the reason why we drink water. Here are a few things you need to remember when it comes to drinking […]

Weight Loss System – Ideal Protein

Weight Loss with Ideal Protein Ideal Protein is a line of protein weight loss products developed by Dr Tran Tien, Chanh, a general practitioner and a doctor of nutrition, sports medicine and biology. Dr Tran Tien, Chanh has focused his career and research on nutrition, with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and […]

Functional Neurogical Rehabilitation

[facebook] Functional Neurological Rehabilitation Making Miracles Doctors and patients agree that Functional Neurological Rehabilitation is a Step-by-Step method to Making Miracles. It is a collection of patented techniques that evaluate and restore every major nerve in the body. This systematic treatment makes the body function more efficiently allowing previously wasted energy to be use for […]

Biological Resonance Medicine

[facebook] BioResonance Therapy (BRT) is a painless and quick method of testing and treatment that offers the possibility of specifically treating all kinds of diseases successfully! This is exciting because many diseases, (and in particular allergic and chronic diseases) are not easily cured and in fact, only rarely are they cured with conventional medical methods. […]