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Who We Are

This is a place of unconditional love, support and service to humanity through chiropractic care. There is an intelligence within each of us, which not only keeps us alive, but also animates, coordinates, repairs, renews, empowers and heals. It is our job as chiropractors to allow this innate intelligence to flow freely through the human body. This is accomplished through the chiropractic adjustment and proper function of the nervous system, which is the coordinating system and distribution center for this innate intelligence.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

The sole purpose of the chiropractic adjustment in this office is to bring ease into the body and facilitate a greater communication of each person’s innate intelligence. This office uses state of the art technology to understand and educate all of our patients and community members on optimum health and wellness. Everyone, in spite of specific symptoms or ailments, can benefit from a nervous system which is more flexible, elastic, and more adaptable to life’s stresses.

Vitalism and Chiropractic

Vitalism is the principal that the human organism can and will keep itself healthy if there are no barriers (subluxation) to full expression of all its vital functions. The body has the innate ability to heal itself from within.

Chiropractic and Innate Intelligence

This innate intelligence emanates throughout the whole body through the nervous system. The nervous system, in a sense, is the conduit to the life force. By adjusting the spine and other joints through which the life force passes, chiropractors remove barriers or obstacles to the full expression of innate intelligence, thereby allowing the all functions to operate optimally and express health.

The vitalistic model separates chiropractic from the conventional medical model. Chiropractors do not directly treat dis-ease. They facilitate the body’s own restorative powers. Chiropractors restore the connection to the body’s innate intelligence so life can be expressed optimally.

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