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Dr. Joshua Doty

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Dr. Joshua Doty

Dr Joshua Doty

Dr. Joshua Doty is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College located in Seneca Falls, NY. While in upstate New York Dr. Joshua Doty served his community by treating patients at the local VA hospitals and a community hospice facility. Dr. Joshua Doty ’s mission is to educate his community on the benefits of the safest, smartest and most beneficial form of health care on the planet, chiropractic. Dr. Joshua Doty wishes to be the vehicle of wellness in your life by freeing your nervous system from obstruction and returning your body to an optimal state of function. Dr. Joshua Doty knows that health starts from the inside out. In order to maintain health, chiropractic care is a necessary approach prior to medication and surgery.

Dr. Joshua Doty and ChiroMission

In his quest to serve Dr. Joshua Doty participated in a chiropractic mission trip to the Dominican Republic with the humanitarian group ChiroMission. It is the vision of ChiroMission to promote chiropractic and adjust all those who are subluxated throughout the world, especially in third world countries where resources are so limited. They also intend to cultivate students of chiropractic from those deprived areas so they may return to their countries and work in offices established by ChiroMission. With the help of their relationship with the Universal Chiropractic Foundation, ChiroMission also intend to raise the necessary funds to help those in need reclaim their lives and gain a satisfactory standard of living. While in the Dominican Republic Dr. Joshua Doty had the privilege to serve over 500 people of all ages. This experience has changed Dr. Joshua Doty 's life in a manner that is indescribable. Dr. Joshua Doty plans to return to the Dominican Republic in the future and continue to provide care to all of those that need it around the globe.

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Dr. Joshua Doty